CEO Dinner

As some of you may know, I’m knee deep in a Business Class at North Seattle College. It’s technically a Business Bootcamp so it’s three business classes in one quarter. It’s been kicking my butt in a lot of ways but I’m learning a ton and looking deeply in to what I may want to be when I grow up.

Mr. Eberhardt, my teacher, has been running the Entrepreneurship program at the college for a few years now. When feasible, he tries to connect his current and past students with a monthly CEO dinner. This one happened to be a BBQ potluck at the Shilshore Bay Marina. It was a perfect chance to do a bit of networking and to also show some of my classmates what it is I do.


From top left: Prosciutto di Parma, Creminelli Calabrese, Principe Speck, Fromager D’affinois, delicious little apricots, almonds, six month Manchego, Beecher’s Flagship, dried carrots and green beans, and Laura Chenel fresh chèvre with Quince and Apple’s Peach Chamomile spread.

We showed up right before sunset and it was so nice to be on the water. For living so close, I don’t venture that way nearly enough.







It was an enjoyable night though I’m bummed we weren’t able to get a group picture of all of us. There is something to be said for being around people that are in the same boat (pun intended!) as you. People trying to create a path for themselves in this world, doing what they love. It’s not an easy road so making connections with those that know where you are can make all the difference.